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Dear Yarra Jets Fans,

Everyone’s contribution counts, your enthusiasm for our club, the time you put into your volunteer roles, the merchandise you buy from our store and the sausages you buy on game day, all make a difference. Thank you!

Inspired by The Matilda's incredible journey to the finals of the 2023 World Cup, we're also determined to achieve greatness. That’s why we’ve created this page on our e-commerce store to raise funds for a part-time club administrator for the pre-season 2024.

Our thriving club already has 28 teams and more than 450 players. And we’re expecting more next season. We need your help! Every contribution moves us closer to our goal of fostering a lasting legacy for Yarra Jets, and a smooth start to 2024.

Choose a donation amount below or if you own a business you can even become a club sponsor! or watch this video from our president Brendan calling for volunteers to find out you can get involved.

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